Transaction 6770b4d0f95e772a7daffde87257cdacd9d3189b04ba3f1f62f7d7a89d489713clipboardJSON
Time9/18/2023 10:05 PM
Fee4400 stroops
Memo (Text)XLM/ACT Yield
Operations (44)
Pay 0.0002598 XLM to GDXAJSON
Pay 0.0003849 XLM to GDWIJSON
Pay 0.0000658 XLM to GDRAJSON
Pay 0.0001019 XLM to GDQ5JSON
Pay 0.0012471 XLM to GDN2JSON
Pay 0.0005886 XLM to GDGIJSON
Pay 0.000002 XLM to GDEQJSON
Pay 0.0034266 XLM to GDCZJSON
Pay 0.0000308 XLM to GD7PJSON
Pay 0.0000794 XLM to GCUTJSON
Pay 0.0000705 XLM to GCUEJSON
Pay 0.0030493 XLM to GCT4JSON
Pay 0.0213201 XLM to GCOXJSON
Pay 0.002513 XLM to GCMFJSON
Pay 0.0000716 XLM to GCIHJSON
Pay 0.0050348 XLM to GCIFJSON
Pay 0.0116106 XLM to GCEQJSON
Pay 0.0001141 XLM to GCE7JSON
Pay 0.0063936 XLM to GC3BJSON
Pay 0.0000106 XLM to GBZAJSON
Pay 0.0010122 XLM to GBV7JSON
Pay 0.0001098 XLM to GBUDJSON
Pay 0.0021262 XLM to GBTPJSON
Pay 0.0006877 XLM to GBKMJSON
Pay 0.0151294 XLM to GBDKJSON
Pay 0.0024002 XLM to GBALJSON
Pay 0.0623309 XLM to GB4IJSON
Pay 0.006154 XLM to GB35JSON
Pay 0.0000724 XLM to GAZGJSON
Pay 0.0089787 XLM to GAWYJSON
Pay 0.0000893 XLM to GAWSJSON
Pay 0.0002087 XLM to GAROJSON
Pay 0.0045598 XLM to GAQNJSON
Pay 0.0090595 XLM to GAG3JSON
Pay 0.0014873 XLM to GAG2JSON
Pay 0.0024632 XLM to GAF4JSON
Pay 0.0000662 XLM to GADIJSON
Pay 0.0000786 XLM to GABUJSON
Pay 0.0003521 XLM to GABEJSON
Pay 0.0001576 XLM to GAAXJSON
Pay 0.0339684 XLM to GA6MJSON
Pay 0.0000666 XLM to GA5SJSON
Pay 0.0002902 XLM to GA4SJSON
Pay 0.0001092 XLM to GA23JSON